The Beauty of the Netherlands in 20 pictures

My recent photoseries of the netherlands was doing great on PetaPixel and Bored panda, with over 10k likes and 1500 shares! I figured I should dedicate a small blog item about it on my website too for those who have not seen it yet.

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PetaPixel (20 images)

Boredpanda (extended series with 40 images)

Over the years I’ve done a lot of travelling, but I always came back to my home country, the Netherlands. Being completely flat, having no mountains, no rocks, no skyscrapers, no good weather (usually), no super dark skies at night because of light pollution, I always feel a bit down when I come back from “spectacular” countries.

But that always goes away quickly. There’s a lot to appreciate in the Netherlands. Things that may be normal for us locals have incredible beauty for outsiders. This is the case in each and every country. This is my home in 20 photos, all taken within 1 year. Here’s our capital city, Amsterdam.

We have a lot of old architecture.

But we are also known for modern architecture!

We have endless beaches.

We have lakes.

We have enchanting forests.

Yes we have flowers, as far as the eye can see!

We are known for our windmills.

And we are famous for our bridges all over the world.

Our countryside is super flat, making you see for miles. Perfect for seeing storms!

We even have some hills! Can you believe that?

We have tons of light pollution, but even so, still some dark skies!

Landscape photography can be done everywhere. In this series I tried to capture what my country is famous for, but there are also photos you will not see on every postcard. Do not get discouraged if everything in your homecountry seems normal and boring. Try to see the beauty of it and capture it!

- Albert