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This is a list of the photography gear I am using with my referral links on where to buy them. Using these links will support me and my photography. 
Cameras: My main workhorse is currently the A7RIV. Because of the small size of the Sony bodies I usually bring my A7III and A6600 too. The A6600 is a great addition in my bag because of it's extremely small size and crop-sensor. By using my full frame lenses on the A6600 I will be able to get more zoom range.

Sony A7RIV : Amazon 
Sony A7RIII : Amazon | B&H
Sony A7III : Amazon l B&H
Sony A6600 : Amazon 

Lenses: The lens I currently use for 90% of my shots is the Sony 12-24 GM . Other lenses that are generally in my bag are the Sony 100-400 GM, the Sony 24-105 G and the Sony 90mm Macro.

main lenses:

Sony 12-24 f/2.8 GM : Amazon 
Sony 14mm f/1.4 GM : Amazon
Sony 24-105 G : Amazon

Sony G-Master 100-400 : Amazon | B&H
Sony 90mm Macro : Amazon

Other Sony lenses I'm using for specific use cases:

Sony 24 f/1.4 GM : Amazon | B&H
Sony 24-70 f/2.8 GM : Amazon l B&H
Sony 85 f/1.4 GM : Amazon l B&H

Tripods: I am currently using gear Photoclam (amazing korean brand) & Sunwayfoto

Storage: I am currently using a Drobo 8D with Seagate Ironwolf drives to store most of my files and make sure they are instantly backed up

Drobo 8D : Amazon 
Seagate Ironwolf : Amazon

For storage on the road I use a device called Gnarbox. This allows me to sort, edit and backup all my files on the road.

Gnarbox 2.0 : Gnarbox Website
Make sure to use discount code DROS10 on checkout for a 10% discount!