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Throughout the year I guide various photo tours in collaboration with other photographers and/or agencies. See below for a list of tours I am participating in.



Kyrgyzstan Tour 2024 TBA


TBA 2024

If interested in the above tour, please email me personally at and I'll let you know the procedure of joining. 

Join me in Kyrgyzstan for an amazing experience and adventure as we explore this relatively unknown country together. I've been to Kyrgyzstan multiple times and have done a lot to promote the country and tourism industry. I even received an official award from the government for promoting tourism. These adventures will be epic!

Dates: August - September 2024 (See Iceland-Photo-Tours website for more info)
Most probably I will be there from July 13 to August second.

Send me an email to ask on which dates I am guiding.
Join me on this crazy Greenland Midnight sun adventure. We have red sails boats to photograph around the giant icebergs during every tour. 

Dates: May 4 - 10 : 2024

Tuscany is one of my favorite destinations with its beautiful rolling hills and picturesque villages. Early sunrises, morning fog, cats (yes there are lots of them) and great food! See my photo series from 2022 here.

Dates: April 28 - May 2 - 2024

The Camargue horses are just incredible! In this pretty relaxed workshop we photograph them while they run through water and forests. If you like horses, join me on this one! See my photo series from the White Angels of Camargue HERE.

Dates: TBA 2024

I am a regular teacher at the Photopills camp every year, and good friends with the Photopills Team. With lots of famous land- and nightscape photographers from around the world, this camp offers so much to learn every year. With lectures during the day and shooting sessions during the evenings and nights (and mornings :D), this camp is always an amazing experience. It's no wonder that lots of people come back for a second time, simply because they love the atmosphere and community. Always excited to be a part of it!

Dates: November 2023 (click for dates)

Join me and my friend Daniel Kordan for some amazing autumn shooting in Japan!
Dates: March 1 - March 14 - 2024

Having been to Antarctica I can tell you all about it! It's a super special place and you'll never forget this once-in-a-lifetime experience! More info HERE!
Dates: March 24 - March 28 - 2024 (SOLD OUT) - Join Waitlist

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