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We often tend to overlook the 'normal' things in nature. A texture in the sand, a pattern on a tree or simple ripples in water. Nature creates forms of art nonstop. When you open your mind and vision you start to see these little things. During my travels over the years I have visited countries all over the world and have seen the most incredible landscapes. But the simplicity nature sometimes creates has a beauty on its own. These photos are a reflection of that.

Abstract Nature is a collection of 100 1/1 images of the beauty of patterns and textures in nature that the earth creates. Images were shot all over the world in countries like Iceland, Greenland, Antarctica, The Netherlands and Kyrgyzstan. The collection features images sorted by categories: Ice, Water, Rivers, Sand Textures, Trees, Canyons, Mud Patterns and The Eyes, which are the most rare items in this collection.

View the collection on OpenSea

Owning a piece of this collection makes you not only own a beautiful photo, it also makes you own a token of rarity. Certain photos are rarer than others. See below for the rarity and original mint prices.


And there's more:

Own a piece of this collection for more than a week and you can request a print from me personally. Rules on this:

- Have the token in your wallet for more than a week.

- Do not list it for sale

- Send an email to requesting the print with a screenshot of the image in your wallet. I'll request a small transaction to verify your wallet ownership.

- Send me your address info to send the print.

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