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number of pieces: 20

starting mint price: 0.4 ETH

Many people have no idea about all of the beautiful forests there are in the Netherlands. A lot of them are planted but we also have a bunch of ancient natural forests. A great advantage of photographing the Dutch forests is that they are completely flat (as is the whole country). This makes it relatively easy to walk around and have a 'clean' forest floor which makes pleasant photographs.


As a landscape photographer I made it my mission to capture these forests during the best possible weather conditions: The first morning light peaking through the forest causing beautiful light rays, or thick fog giving that mystique atmosphere.

Fairy forests is a collection of 20 1/1 showing the Dutch forests at their best. No matter the season, a forest walk in the Netherlands always has beauty to it. 

All Fairy Forests are eligible for a free NFT of my upcoming generative Photo NFT project 'DROS' on Solana.

View the collection on OpenSea


My Dutch forest work is featured in many magazines and online publications.

You'll also find my forest work in Timberland stores world wide: Here's a photo of the big Timberland Store in New York:


My forest work was also featured in Sony Promotional videos:

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