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Gear Talk #1 : The Introduction of Gear Talk!

Hey guys,

I've been getting a lot of questions regarding gear I use lately. Therefore I decided to make a Gear Talk series in which I will talk about the gear I use in the field and off the field. I'll talk about gear I've been using for a longer amount of time and new gear I just received. There will be ordinary reviews, but also just new observations about gear in general. Anything goes! New announcements, question rounds, complaints, reviews, anything. Think of lenses, cameras, tripods drones, filters but also other relevant things for photographers like software, hardware, apps and storage. Anything regarding to technology that has any connection to photography basically.

Another reason I'm starting this gear talk series is because I often get new products to try out and review. Think of the recent Laowa 12mm f2.8 Hands On I recently published. And today I just received my Drobo 5DT which I am very eager to imp

lement in my workflow. Photography is not only about the gear you have in your bag. I've been looking for a good storage solution for a while and have done research into multiple products and brands. The Drobo 5Dt should be blazing fast with the right hard drives in combination with Thunderbolt. I've been getting up to a point that I keep replacing hard drives and buy extras. I don't like throw RAW files away and with some edited photos talking multiple gigabytes, a good storage solution is crucial. I'll be talking about the Drobo and storage solutions in upcoming Gear Talks as well.

Upcoming items in Gear Talk:

- Photo Storage Solutions, backups, and workflows.

- Reports from upcoming events like IFA and Photokina.

- Reviews from upcoming photography products, software and hardware related.

- Questionnaires in which I answer a bunch of questions from my followers.

In this first small episode of Gear Talk I'm going to ask YOU (my audience) what you want to ask me regarding photography gear or just photography in general. I'll be collecting all of your questions and make a separate blog post about it in the future. Ask away!

Gear Talk #1 by Albert Dros

What do you see in this photo? My mini workstation as in my Macbook Pro with the new Drobo (that I still have to unpack), The Sony A7RII with the Laowa 12mm f2.8 attached (still a prototype at this time of writing, still on Kickstarter), the Sony Xperia X (my smartphone), the Sony NWZ-A15 Hi-Res audio walkman (Yes, I love high quality audio) and of course: my business cards :)

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