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Dutch Winter In Before/After Photos

Last week was extremely cold in my country the Netherlands. Last February 28 was the coldest 28 February in history, breaking the 1904 record. It’s crazy to experience this kind of weather here while some of my friends in Norway and Iceland are having warmer weather. Temperatures around -10c at night and still below zero during the day combined with extreme winds that go on for days makes everything freeze up, especially the coastlines. Lots of canals in Amsterdam completely froze up making it possible to ice skate on them. This has not happened over the last 6 years! Seeing my country like this as a photographer is beautiful. I normally only see these crazy ice shards and sculptures when I travel to the Arctic. It’s quite unique.

It’s interesting to note that this whole winter since late 2017 had some very cold temperatures. In December 2017 we had a lot of snow in Amsterdam which is also rare. It was a beautiful winter!

Here are a bunch of shots that I took this winter, with comparison how the scene ‘normally’ looks.

The famous Prinsengracht with the Westerkerk (West-Church) as a backdrop. Last time ice skating was possible here was 6 years ago. Cruises stopped going temporarily because of the ice.

Chunks of ice in the Leidsegracht. The boats are still going here hitting the ice every time

Shards of ice near the coast of Harderwijk. This is not a real crashed plane. It’s a memorial that commemorates the 117 Allied airmen who were killed around Harderwijk in World War II. Many of their aircraft crashed in the IJsselmeer-lake, which was partly frozen last week.

The lighthouse of Marken had some crazy ice formations forming because of the extreme winds and very cold temperatures.

Another iconic location at Marken are the Icebreakers. Icebreakers are to protect the coastline of large water areas against upcoming ice in winter. This pier will soon be completely gone because of the weather. It was extremely unstable when I got there last week and as can be seen on the before/after pictures it’s already missing a few elements.

A tree lane near my house with no leaves and frost on the trees.

The famous Speulder Forest.

All in all it was a beautiful winter. Here are some other shots I took this winter and the year before:

The frozen Markermeer looks like the Arctic.

A couple ice-skating on the Markermeer. This lake is extremely big and almost never freezes. You can see a silhouette of Almere in the background.

Ready to skate! Me putting on the ice skates during a nice cold evening ready to skate on the frozen canals.

Last year around the same time we were able to skate on the waters near the famous Kinderdijk. At that time the canals in Amsterdam were not frozen.

A few months earlier this year we had a lot of snow in Amsterdam. This also has not happened since years. All in all this winter has been pretty crazy for our standards.

Extremely frosty day last year made all vegetation frozen.

A very cold morning in the countryside with pastel colours last year.

Surreal scenery with an intense sunset and frozen trees, also taken last year.

Hope you all enjoyed this new ‘Dutch’ series of pictures. Please also check my other series from my own country:

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Thanks for watching!


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