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5DayDeal Bundle

5dayDeal Bundle

I usually don't promote a lot of photography software and tutorials but I couldn't let this one slide. The 5DayDeal bundle is a bundle worth 2730$ that is for sale for 97$. The sale only lasts 5 days hence the name. Why am I promoting this bundle? 5 Things:

- First of all, I met the owner of the promotion in Busan earlier this year and I can honestly say that Griffin is just an overall great guy!

- People ask me questions about photography and processing everyday. This bundle almost covers everything regarding the questions I get.

- 10% of sales goes to Charity. 560.000$ is already raised in previous promotions! For a video about the charity partners, check HERE

- The bundle includes stuff I personally use like Topaz Adjust and my friend Jimmy Mcintyre's 'The Art of Cityscapes' bundle. These alone are already worth more than the total price of 97$

- Last but not least: Of course I get a small commission from every sale through my affiliate link :)

Please do not see this as 'spam' as I fully support this bundle or I would not be promoting it. If you have any questions, feel free to post them here or hit me up on Facebook!

Please check below for more information:

Complete bundle list:

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