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Start blogging!

It's time to start blogging! I'll use this page to share some of my photography stories, things I'm working on, workflow tips, photos, and many more!

I'm currently without my 'original' workhorse, which is my Sony A7II. Instead, I'm using the original A7 these days. There's actually the same camera sensor inside, so it's no big deal. I'll be eagerly waiting for the new A7RII. The announcement last week stirred up the camera industry quite a lot. I'll have to see if they can fulfill all of their promises but it looks like an amazing camera! The price is quite steep though, but if it delivers everything it promises, it's well worth the investment.

I'm working on several projects and photos eries at the moment. As I'm spending a lot of time in The Netherlands at the moment, I'm trying to capture as much as I can from my home country. Even without mountains and extremely beautiful nature, our lowlands have their own beauty! In the upcoming days I'll be hunting some clear skies (will be rare) as it's new moon. I'm planning to capture some more milky way images to add to my dutch star scapes series. Finding a clear night is kind of a hard job. Last week, we had some amazing clear nights, BUT my camera was broken and I did not have the replacement during that time! Tough luck. But I'll not give up. I'm also planning on doing several star scapes later this summer, on the Wadden Islands (Islands north of Holland, with low light pollution), mainly Terschelling.

Well, that's it for today. I'll try to keep this blogging up!


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