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Fanal Fairytale

I have been wanting to go to this magic forest for a while. This beautiful laurel forest lies on the island of Madeira. I was told that it's often foggy there so I hoped to get these beautiful conditions. In total I took 1 week to explore the island, hoping it would be enough to catch the fog.

I saw a glimpse of the amazing atmosphere on the first evening after I arrived that gave me great hope for the upcoming days. But the 3 days after only gave us clear skies and no fog at all. That did however give us great opportunities to photograph these majestic trees with the Milky Way. Something I haven't seen before.

But then, 4 days later and in total driving up to the forest 7 times, we did it. Thick fog combined with rain at times gave us that crazy atmosphere we were looking for. These series is a combination of images during different conditions in the forest: fog, sun, rain and the night sky.

I hope you enjoy these series of this magical place. It's really something else. These are probably the most beautiful trees I have ever seen!

Gear used:

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