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Top 10 shots 2018

2018 has been a great year! With many decent images, trips and interesting conditions in my own country I tried to round it up to 10 images which was definitely not easy. Upon seeing these images again I actually thought they were taken much longer ago. Time sure flies these days!

Highlight of the year was definitely visiting Kyrgyzstan for a month with my girlfriend. Seeing the beauty of her homeland and her family was amazing. I can't wait to go back there and explore more of the country.

When looking at my selection of images for 2018 I noticed that again there are quite some shots of my own country The Netherlands. After all these years I still managed to take some shots that were high on my list for a long time, like the windmill fog shot and my favourite tulip shot ever! We have had some insane weather in The Netherlands this year with an 'ice age' , frozen canals in Amsterdam, droughts and an exceptional colorful autumn.

In the end there's a healthy mix of photos both from my homeland and other countries.

I hope 2019 is going to be as good as this one :)

Peak Yeltsin near Karakol Kyrgyzstan, summer 2018. Full series can be seen here.

Windmills above the fog taken early spring 2018. I had envisioned this shot for a long time and the conditions finally came together this year. Full series of that morning on Boredpanda.

One of my favourite aurora shots ever with the famous Kirkjufell and an aurora that looks like a gate to space! This technical shot is a 3 row vertical panorama with the bottom row focus stacked of 6 shots. Shot winter 2018.

My favourite aerial ever: a riverbed in Iceland as seen from a plane.

This top 10 can't be complete without a curvy road :) I found this one in autumn 2018. For the full autumn series, please go here.

Spring 2018: A cold morning with some fog creating a magical atmosphere. A shot I had been wanting for a long time! This one is taken very close up to the tulips and focus stacked of about 5 shots. There was no wind so the tulips did not move much. Full tip series can be seen here.

An eagle flying over the peaks of Al Archa in Kyrgyzstan, summer 2018

An extremely cold winter in February with wind chill temperatures of -20. This particular morning was so crazy cold but the shots were worth it. The Netherlands was a frozen wonderland early 2018 with some amazing photo opportunities. Full series here.

Ala Kul Lake in Kyrgyzstan, taken summer 2018. This glacier lake is close to 4000m in altitude. It's one of the most beautiful little lakes I've ever seen.

This shot proves to me that even from iconic locations we can still take 'original' images, or at least I haven't seen a shot like this before until early 2018. I personally love this one because of the golden light hitting the waves. The sea was very rough here, taken winter 2018 in Iceland.

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