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I Photographed The Cherry Blossoms... In Amsterdam!

I’m seeing lots of cherry blossoms photos from lots of my friends that are visiting Japan or Korea for the beautiful cherry blossoms. I’m sitting here at home in the Netherlands for a change and figured I’d show them I don’t need to travel halfway across the globe to get these shots. Here’s a photo series from a forest called ‘Amsterdamse Bos’ (bos means forest). Take that!

Disclaimer: This is meant to be for fun. Obviously we don’t have the beautiful Japanese or Korean temples ;)

A bit of info about this place:

This little area in the ‘Amsterdam Forest’ is called ‘The Cherry Blossom Park’. This part is actually officially in Amstelveen, which is a town that is connected to Amsterdam. In 2000 the Japanese Women Club gifted 400 cherry blossom trees to Amstelveen. Every tree has their own name. Half of them have Japanese female names and half of them have dutch female names. The park is part of a nature reserve and is a popular place for for especially Japanese people in and around Amsterdam that go there for a picknick in spring.

The place is not that big but nice to visit if you’re in in or around Amsterdam within now and 2 weeks. Just check for ‘Kersenbloempark’ on Google maps.

Gear used in this article:


Sony 70-300 G

For a full gear list with recommendations, please check my Amazon Page. By using these links I get a small commission which is used to support my articles. Thanks :)

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