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The Netherlands - My Home

I was born in The Netherlands in 1985 in a town called Amersfoort. Ever since then I travelled the world. After I finished my MSC in Multimedia & Entertainment Technology in Hong Kong I started doing photography full time. Over the years I learned to love and appreciate my homecountry more and more. The more you are away, the happier you are when you come back! At least for me. I'm always inspired to capture my homecountry whenever I am back in town. I currently live in the capital Amsterdam and there is always something to photograph! This collection is dedicated to The Netherlands and is updated every month.

Separate photo series and blog posts:

Photographing the Aurora above the Iconic Dutch Windmills

Winter Windmills

Tulip Season 2023 Roundup

Magical Spring in The Netherlands

The Empty Keukenhof Garden during COVID19 in 2020

20 Photos Of My Hometown Amsterdam During Different Seasons

Tulip Season 2019

The 2019 Supermoon in Amsterdam

Magic Windmills

Golden Autumn in The Netherlands

The Extreme Drought on the Dutch Coast

Dutch Tulips from the Ground and Sky

I photographed the Cherry Blossoms... In Amsterdam!

Dutch Winter in Before/After Photos

A Snowy Day in Amsterdam

Where & How to shoot Tulips in The Netherlands

A Purple Dream : Tribute to the Dutch Heather

The Beauty of The Netherlands in 20 Pictures

The Story of my ISS Viral Shot on the Dutch Veluwe

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