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Time until Magic Mushroom #1 - 0.025ETH DROP

View the collection on OpenSea

After my popular Abstract Landscapes NFT that was sold out within 90 minutes op Opensea (more updates on this collection coming soon), I wanted to create another experimental collection: Magic Mushrooms. This collection is based on my super macro images of tiny mushrooms in the forest. On these images they look like a whole new magic world.

It's the perfect name and topic for the experiment I wanted to do with this collection. It starts with just 1 image at a low price of 0.025 ETH. Shortly after every sale (with a minimum of 1 day) I will add a new piece to the collection with an increment of 0.025 ETH. That means the second piece will be priced at 0.05 ETH, the third at 0.075 ETH with the last and 25th piece of the collection priced at 0.6 eth (24*0.025)


There will only be a max of 24 pieces in the collection.


By only listing a new piece after every sale, the collection will be more spread out, get more promotion over a longer period of time and I will have the time to talk about it on social media more often.

In theory, with every new sale all previous pieces will increase in value to match the current sales price. This doesn't take secondary market into account, which can of course be more valuable (especially if the collection sells out eventually).

Every piece in this collection has its own rarity/property number in the collection,

starting from #1

View the collection on OpenSea

And as always: owning a piece of this collection makes you not only own a beautiful photo, it also makes you own a token of rarity, and be part of lots of upcoming things I am planning.

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