Want to create those dreamy forest shots you see online from time to time with a few clicks? Then these tutorial and presets are for you! The Enchanted Forests preset & tutorial bundle brings your 'standard' tree- and forest photos to the next level. It makes use of the FREE Nik Color Efex plugin along with Lightroom. Very basic knowledge of Lightroom is required.  Everything is super quick and easy. There will be 10 base presets in this bundle. With the included video tutorial I will explain how to use these presets so you can get the most out of them when working on your images.
- Create stunning edits with a few clicks
- Create that dreamy look you often see online
- 10 Base presets to work from
- 45 minute Video Tutorial on how to prepare your files and how to work with the presets
- Video Tutorial on how to install the presets
- BONUS: 5 Included RAW files to test the presets on
- NO Photoshop knowledge required!
Included presets:
- Forest Warm 1
- Forest Warm 2
- Forest Cool 1
- Forest Cool 2
- Forest Green
- Forest Dream 1
- Forest Dream 2
- Forest Dream 3
- Forest Dream 4
- Forest Dream 5
DISCLAIMER: this tutorial does not just make lightrays magically appear on your images. Your base shots need to have some form of 'quality'. The better the base image, the better the result. Best time to shoot forests is during
humid mornings when there is some mist between the trees. It is recommended to work with RAW files to get the best results.
Payment is through paypal. Once paid, you will receive a download link to the files :)